A tip that can save you a lot of money

A tip for all kind of photographers


We all love to share images online right?
We all like to show off where we are, or our new pride and joy.
And of course we are all careful to not include our address so the thieves will not know where we are right?
Did you know that when you post an image online made with your smartphone OR certain DSLR’s or compacts all store GPS information in your EXIF?



So although you’re very careful about not telling the thieves where to find your gear or new car you are in fact giving them a road map on how to get there including directions…..


So how to solve this?
Some will first download all the files to a Mac or PC and strip the Exif but that’s a lot of work, and we want to share right now of course…. well on the iPhone you can use two programs that are free and I like to use when I show stuff I don’t want to be tracked and traced (and stolen).



I use Geozapper for deleting all Exif information, it works very fast and it does it’s job very well, it’s just a matter of opening the image, pressing one button and voila it saves an extra copy without the Exif information.
Now if you want to check, use the free Exifwizard and you can see if it worked, you can see all the information of the file and even the map with location….. but wait there is more…..


We all know those friends that always claim to have been in these amazing locations with models and did shoots all over the world but you are in doubt…. well with the so called Exifwizard you can actually check if they really went there 🙂

Please be careful with sharing your priceless gear, cars and home theaters online, before you know it, it will be gone, also thieves have internet.