Mamiya Leaf demos at Photokina

Without a doubt Photokina is one of my highlights every 2 years.
It’s the biggest show I’ve ever visited and being part of the team of instructors is always an honor. This year I demo’ed for both Elinchrom and Mamiya/Leaf.


Today some of the images I shot on the booth from Mamiya/Leaf with their new Leaf Credo50.
It’s always hard to shoot during these trade shows, especially when the room is very limited, so I always try to challenge myself and try out new things with expressions, fogging up lenses etc. And although it’s not portfolio material they are still fun for the blog 😀

frank diana0606

frank diana0619

frank diana0630

frank diana0733

Frank Doorhof Leaf 0074

Frank Doorhof Leaf 0082

Frank Doorhof Leaf 0102

Frank Doorhof Leaf 0221



Leaf Mamiya September 18-19 2014 0276

Leaf Mamiya September 18-19 2014 0279

Leaf Mamiya September 18-19 2014 0281