A loaner Rickshaw

Some photoshoots are planned months in advance, some photoshoots just happen.
Recently we recorded a small video for the Westcott Icelight and the model for this video is Anna Matthea.
A few days before this session one of our neighbors told us he bought a Rickshaw and if we would be interested to do a photoshoot with it… well…. a Rickshaw… heck yeah of course why not, it’s not everyday we see one of those here. The only problem was “when”.


A long story short we decided to combine it with the video of the Icelight.
Of course I also shot some images with the Icelight in the Rickshaw but before that I did a small session with Anna Matthea using my Elinchrom strobes, in this case one deep octa 70cm with grid in the front and one open reflector in the back for the lens flare effect and rim light.


Model : Anna Matthea
Dresses : Sinister
Clothing : Nadine Stephan

Anna Matthea  22 - October 18 2014 2

Anna Matthea  32 - October 18 2014 1

Anna Matthea  111 - October 18 2014