Enka results Day 2

Workshops in abandoned buildings are always awesome, somehow the structure, the light and the whole feel of these locations is just plain photogenic.
I’ve shared some images of the two Enka workshops over the last few days with the tips, but today I want to post the final images from the second day of the workshop.


Many thanks to : Sheena, Rosa, Lenaa (models) and Nadine (for the styling).
And of course our team : Chaim, Bart and Annewiek

Enka workshops Augustus 20 2014    250

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Leaf Credo 50 user review

One of the things I absolutely love to do is testing new gear, especially when it gives the photographer totally new options which were not possible before.

Mail copy

As you probably know I’m shooting different systems.
I always tell people that I will use DSLRs for when I don’t really can control the lighting, or if I need higher ISOs and Medium Format when I can use strobes or if there is more then enough ambient light. The simple reason for this is that Medium Format (although a superior format) is not really usable above ISO400 (some even ISO200). But this has now all changed.


Sony makes some amazing sensors and since a while they also have a 50MP semi Medium Format sensor, I say semi Medium Format because in reality it’s a crop sensor for Medium Format, now is this a bad thing? no not really but personally I love to use a full frame sensor, that being said….. man does this sensor rock.


When Leaf asked me to test this back the idea was that I could use it for a few days during a session and had to send it back, however I got so attached to the back that I kept sending them images and they let me keep the back for a much longer time, actually ALL the images you saw appearing online from our trip through Denmark were all shot with this back and that’s something that I would not be able to do with my Credo60 for the simple reason that I would also need a DSLR for the higher ISO material and traveling with 2 cameras is… well just a bit awkward sometimes so I often opt for the DSLR, however seeing that I can now easily shoot up to ISO3200 and even ISO6400 makes a HUGE difference.


Now there will be many reviews about the technical stuff and the specs so I thought “let’s make a much simpler user based review”, I will do this from both the viewpoint of a DSLR user and a MF user.

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The change that a strobe can make

During the location workshops one of the things I always show is the difference between natural light and strobe.
Normally people think that the natural light shots will be much less interesting than the strobe ones, however the end result mostly surprises people.
in this blog post two examples of natural light shots followed by the strobe ones.


Enka workshops Augustus 20 2014    274

Enka workshops Augustus 20 2014    280

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Mastering the modelshoot, the facebook group

My book “Mastering the modelshoot” has been doing great and almost daily get mails from people who like the book, send me images inspired by techniques explained in the book etc.

So I thought it would be cool to not only see these images myself…. but share them with the world.
On https://www.facebook.com/groups/masteringthemodelshoot/ you can now join the “Mastering the modelshoot” group and enjoy the images, post your own, share stories etc.


Who can join?


Who can participate?
If you own the book or if you visited one of my workshops/seminars etc. feel free to post your images, stories etc.