Velocity studio workshop

The third day of the UK tour we spend at the great Velocity studio which is run by an awesome couple who welcomed us and made us feel at home right from the start.


Doing studio sets during the location workshops is…. well not really my thing, but luckily Marc had access to a very nice area in the building, and I’m serious when this was my studio location I would never use my studio but use this…..


We started out very simple with an old organ placed near windows to explain mixing ambient with strobes and work a bit on coaching the model.

Untitled Session20482 1

But right after this we went to the real location.

The first location was on the staircase on the floor we would be spending the rest of the day.

Marie Juni 12 2014 2 1


I started out after lunch with a very heavy story telling based setup, something that I really like to do and when I get the chance during a workshop I’m going all out.

Marie Juni 12 2014 4 1

Marie Juni 12 2014 7 1

Marie Juni 12 2014 96 1

After this it was time for something more simple, but also fun to do.

Marie Juni 12 2014 9 1I ended the workshop with this shot, shot in restrooms…. well ok what was left of them.

Marie Juni 12 2014 10