Guestblog : Rob van Esch Huge spaces

Today I welcome Rob van Esch to my blog.
Rob has some amazing shots of “huge” spaces and will show some of his work today, so enjoy….


Capturing Huge Spaces


You probably recognize the feeling. Standing in the middle of an enormous hall, beautifully decorated, a space which is a piece of art of itself. You grab your camera and start pointing. And then? How on earth can one capture that impressive space in one image? I love that challenge! During the last few years, I’ve been travelling to places where these immense spaces can be found. Objects that are covered are e.g. famous museums and train stations. Common characteristic of the images in this post is that they are all shot with an ultra wide lens, and that more than one image was needed to fully accomplish the challenge. I am using the Canon 17 mm TSE, a wonderful tilt-shift lens. As the huge spaces covered are mostly public spaces, it takes some preparation to start shooting. I cannot do without my tripod, and you know, the tripod police is everywhere in those places (:-). The solution of course is to ask permission in advance, and that has until now never been a problem (on the contrary, it seems to be really appreciated if you kindly explain what your intentions are.)


Enough said, let me show the images.



  1. British Museum, London

British Museum


2 and 3. Metropolitan Museum, New York





4. National Museum of the American Indian, New York


National_Museum_of_the American_Indian


5. ‘Stadsfeestzaal’, shopping mall, Antwerp




6 and 7. Central Station, Antwerp


Train Station

Old hall in station



  1. Rose Main Reading Room, New York Public Library, New York


New York Public Library


  1. Stairways in the New York Public Library


New York Public Library


  1. St Johns Cathedral, Den Bosch, Netherlands


Cathedral Saint John Den Bosch

  1. Kings Cross Station, London



Kings cross station


  1. Natural History Museum, London


Natural History museum


  1. Tomb of Sultan, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul




  1. Grand Central Terminal, New York




And even in the open skies in nature one can find huge spaces to capture:


15. Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, USA


Glacier Point



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