New instructional video for download

Hi guys,
A few topics for this blogpost.


We are in the middle of Photoshopworld now, always a great show and fun to follow via our social media streams with images, small stories etc. This year I will be shooting a lot with the Sony A7r and share those via wifi so you will have a better quality images than the iPhone shots (although we will also share those) so make sure to follow our facebook at and google+ via


The workshops in New York are coming up (and they are gonna rock) we have 2 tickets left so if you want to join make sure to book your seats now. The date is May 3rd, for more information click here.


For today I also wanted to share a video with you guys.
We recently released our brand new video called “Live in the UK 2013” a jampacked instructional video with tips, techniques and much much more, make sure to check out the video shot by our video guy Mark, you can order the video from this website or our brandnew store at

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