2.2 million visitors wow

Cool, www.frankdoorhof.com has now passed the 2.2 million pageviews….
I still remember the post I made for the 1 million and said I hoped that the 2 million would follow as quick as the 1 million… well it went a LOT faster, thanks so very much for this. On www.frankdoorhof.com I try to update the blog every day with news, videos, reviews, images etc. it takes me a lot of time (I do the blog all by myself) and seeing the boost in visitors really gives me the feeling I’m doing it for a group of people that really appreciate it.


Again, this really made my day, thanks for the followers and visitors you guys are awesome. To celebrate this I will be giving a 25% discount on ALL our instructional video downloads via https://frankdoorhof.com/web/shop-videos-etc/direct-video-downloads/
The code is “thanks” feel free to spread the link, but beware the code will be valid till February 28th.

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