Having fun with a pose

Most questions I get are about posing.
How to?
With what?
What is cool?
Are there books?


Well I can be short in my answer most of the times, there is no real “this is how you do it” solution, every model is unique and different, some models can take a very extreme pose better than others. For me the most important thing is that the pose tells something, or is just fun. And I think this is often te best advise, don’t try to emulate/copy poses you see from the fashion magazines, now don’t get me wrong they can be a stunning start, but always try to build something fitting the model.


I will often start with just letting the model relax in her pose and I will start building from there, just easing her/him into poses that are fitting for them. Or sometimes…… you just do something a bit more fun like todays picture.

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