Competition winner….

A few weeks ago I started a competition with a twist.
As you might know my book “Mastering the modelshoot” has been released in December and we get a lot of great responses about the book. The book is loaded with tips on photographing models and has a lot of great tips with which you can go in your photoshoot from “Ok to wow” without hardly any budget.


Now of course you do get some emails and social media posts from people telling you how much they loved the book but at one point people also started posting images with the book in some weird and funny locations, this triggered the idea for me to start a competition for people to shoot a picture with my book telling a story, being funny etc.


Today I can announce the winner.
And the winner is….. drumroll please…….
Twitter copy
I think it clearly tells a story and has one of lighting diagrams in action from the book.
The winner will receive a free download of the whole LIGHT SERIES instructional videos series.


But of course I also want to show you some of the other images that arrived and did make it into the final selection.
Now if you recognize your photo 😀 contact me and you will also get a free download of one of the Light series instructional videos, I always love to give a bit more than promised 😀

Antonio Caves

Jan Kruize

Jason Balchin

Joris Brouwer

Keef o Keef

Twitter 2 copy

Twitter 3 copy

Jason Balchin 2

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