Beltcraft studios workshop set 1

When we’re on location for a tradeshow I often also try to arrange one or two workshop days. In the case of London we ended up at the Beltcraft studios, a great location for fashion and the more “funky stuff”, and with Nadine as your model and stylist…. well what can go wrong 😀


Today the first set from the workshop.
For this set I used the 70cm deep octa from Elinchrom and mixed it with the available light to create a more flat looking shot. But due to the smaller size of the indirect octa and the fact that it was not placed far away from the model the light quality came out really “edgy” what I absolutely love.

Nadine Beltcraft workshop-17

Nadine Beltcraft workshop-63

Nadine Beltcraft workshop-64All pretty straight forward, shot this was to include the whole scene, but…. the best tip I can always give people is “walk around the set and try different angles” so also here I did of course.

Nadine Beltcraft workshop-71

Nadine Beltcraft workshop-68A lot of people forget this very important “trick” by walking around the set you not only get a different viewpoint but also different light and of course a totally different image, this for me makes the set complete, I would hardly ever shoot a set only one way, I will always experiment with lenses, viewpoints etc.


All retouching was done in DxO optics 9, tinting by DxO filmpack and the extra pop was done with Topaz Clarity.
I recently switched for all my RAW processing to Optics 9 from DxO after using version 8 sometimes (and filmpack A LOT), with optics 9 the addition of the browser gave me the push to do all my RAW processing now in Optics, the quality is just stunning, it squeezes a lot more information out of the files than Lightroom can do.
Topaz clarity is awesome for that little bit of a pop and to be honest I think it’s a plugin that everyone should have, surf to and also support our blog. Use Doorhof99 as coupon code for a really cool 15% discount.



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  1. deepak
    deepak says:

    hi frank,
    I m deepak from India and big fan of ur lighting
    please tell me one small detail what is the difference between prime 85 lens and 24-70 zoomed to 85 MM position
    I am trying to shoot some child shoot but unable to get the effect i want uploading a sample pic for reference
    How i can get face to be some magnified and prominent.
    and another thing what is the difference in elinchrome Style RX600 and FX400ri I have 4 lights of FX400 Series can i still the movement with these lights?
    last year i purchased Canon 5D Mark II as u know have sync speed of 200 and the problem is i have minolta light meter which does not have shutter speed of 200 should i have purchase new light meter or any how i can work with this one.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Freezing action should be done on full power with those units.
      the 24-70 cannot mimic an 85 because it stops at 70 😉
      It is a difference in look indeed, so I would rather advise the 70-200 for that.

      The shutter speed with strobes is irrelevant, just keep it 1/125 with the 5D you should anyway because on 1/160 it already shows a small piece of the second curtain.
      the 1/200 is for the system flash system (canon)

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