PhotoXperience workshop results

Today some of the results from the workshops I taught at the PhotoXperience in Mexico.
Many thanks to Joe McNally for lending us the gear 😀

PhotoXperience  Dec 7 2013 retouched-1

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Going the extra mile….

We all know the feeling, it’s hot, you’re tired but you still want to make the shot right?
Well in most cases people will decide to just take the shot, get a cold drink and move on, but I think sometimes you just have to go that extra “mile”, in this case it was hardly a mile but it did take some climbing and convincing people.


The following shot was taken from the so called “kodak” point, or in other words a location that was dedicated to give the people a nice photograph. And let’s be honest… there’s nothing wrong with it.
PhotoXperience Mexico C4 (212 of 459)-Edit

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Opening exposition Groningen

In December gallery Lightzone in Groningen is the host of a very special exposition of my work called “the 2 faces of Frank Doorhof”.
In this exposition you will see some of my favorite shots I took during our travels but also my favorite model photography shots, so it’s really a mixed exposition in styles, and I think it’s indeed the 2 faces of me, I love model photography but I also love shooting on the street.


The fun part is that my street photography is often fast/raw and unprepared while with the model photography I’m very precise and perfectionistic, so it’s indeed the 2 faces of me.


You can visit the exposition till the end of December.
Today I share the small BTS video Annewiek made during the opening.
And yeah… she is also signing a book 😀


Now it’s not often that I review an app on this blog, but this time I want to make an exception for a very special one, “OKDOTHIS”
It’s available on iPhone only at the moment.

OKDOTHIS-001OKDOTHIS is an app that was brought to my attention a while ago but to be honest I did not downloaded it, the idea was cool, the app looked great and it was started by a good friend of us Jeremy Cowart, but somehow I did not find it necessary to add another “social network” to my collection, and let’s be honest most of us are already on G0ogle+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What’s app etc. etc. it’s almost a day job just to keep up with everything, so why, oh WHY add another one… well that was also my idea until last week I started trying out “OKDOTHIS” and I can tell you it’s freaking awesome.

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