Now it’s not often that I review an app on this blog, but this time I want to make an exception for a very special one, “OKDOTHIS”
It’s available on iPhone only at the moment.

OKDOTHIS-001OKDOTHIS is an app that was brought to my attention a while ago but to be honest I did not downloaded it, the idea was cool, the app looked great and it was started by a good friend of us Jeremy Cowart, but somehow I did not find it necessary to add another “social network” to my collection, and let’s be honest most of us are already on G0ogle+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What’s app etc. etc. it’s almost a day job just to keep up with everything, so why, oh WHY add another one… well that was also my idea until last week I started trying out “OKDOTHIS” and I can tell you it’s freaking awesome.

article3-imgThe first thing you can do in the app is of course look for images… but well we have loads of apps for that right?
So we need something cooler, something a bit more “WOW”.
Well there we go.


Do you sometimes find yourself going like “What should I photograph”, or “How should I get some fresh perspective to this?” etc.
I think we all do.
Now you can of course browse online and look for inspiration but sitting in the bus or in a waiting room well…. it’s not a pleasant way of working, so that’s where “OKDOTHIS” really shines.


A big part of the app is not about the images (well ok in essence it is) it’s about the “DO’s”.
Everyone can make (or participate) in a DO, what this means is that people can post “assignments” in the app, some are very straight forward like “stop and shoot your feet right now” but some are also much more advanced, I for example try to inspire people to look at light in a different way by posting DO’s like “work with harsh sunlight only”, “Shoot some images from a strong red” etc. etc. The sky is the limit.


Now (as in all apps) not all the DO’s will be your “cup of tea” and I get that, it’s a matter of fact that we don’t all have the same ideas and most of all level of expertise, DO’s like “don’t look just shoot with your phone now” are not the kind of DO’s that I will actually participate in, however I did find some very interesting ones that can really trigger your way of shooting for example how about “fill the frame with a circle, it can be anything but it has to be a circle”, now that is something that actually is really cool for street shooters that are looking for a topic, “hunt for letters”, all these kind of DO’s will actually trigger your imagination and steer you towards probably something else but something that you did not think about before, and that…. my friends is where I think the big thing with this app is, it’s not only a sharing and social media app, but most of all it’s an inspirational app and a GREAT learning tool. If you start following me (I’m just there under FrankDoorhof) you will find several DO’s that are actually meant to learn you to look at the “world” in a different way, use light in a different way, coach your models differently etc.


As you probably already understand by now I’m very enthusiastic about OKDOTHIS, the social networking part of the app is great and needed I think, but the combination with the assignments “DO’s” and the inspiration you can find makes this app a winner in my book, so make sure you check it out…. just do it 😀


More info at : http://www.okdothis.com



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