Some images from Loes

Today some images we shot during a workshop with Loes.

Loes December 21 2013-203-Edit

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Competition time

Just checked and my book “mastering the model shoot” is still going strong. It’s still in the top 10 and top 25 in most countries on amazon. Wow.


I also get a lot of cool shots of people showing the book which led me to a cool idea.
Take a picture of the book and tag me in it on facebook and Google + or Twitter and the best three (crossplatform) will win the complete light series digital download or live in Boston and New Jersey (which ever you want). However…… The shot has to be special of course ;). Can be a selfie for example. A collection of the best shots will also be featured on my blog.


So be creative 😉
End date will be January 30th
We changed the end date because we got a lot of mails from people who needed more time 😉

BTS video sugarfactory Groningen

Today a BTS video shot during the workshop I taught at the “sugar factory” in Groningen.
It also includes the final results at the end.

Christmas 2013

It’s been a crazy year, loads of highlights and of course also some dark spots, but overal we are very happy with 2013.
In 2013 our life was turned up side down by selling our computer store to get Annewiek full time into the studio and assisting me, but also making it possible to travel more for the workshops abroad, before 2013 this was limited to maximum 5 trips a year and now we are much more flexible, and we did have a blast in 2013 abroad 🙂


2013 also saw the release of my new book “Mastering the modelshoot” which was edited and designed by (I think) one of the best teams in the world at KelbyMedia, and also many many thanks to Scott himself for helping me out with this book, he gave me loads of input and feedback and I think that made the book into what it now is, a killer book for the model photographer. And there was a lot more of course but the book was for me I think the highlight of the year.


The workshops in Mexico were the most memorable because of the enormous warmth we were welcomed with, and we left with a lot of friends.


However without the responses from all of YOU, our social media and internet friends we would have never been able to do what we are doing and we are incredibly grateful for that, the website has exploded in the last year with new visitors and we hope to continue this boost in 2014. We have a lot of cool plans for 2014 so be sure to keep checking the social media and this website.


From our side we would like to wish every one of you personally but that’s a bit too much I think, so we will do it with this little card.
We wish you all a very good Christmas with the ones you love and a flashing 2014.
The next blog update will be after Christmas.


But we won’t go into the Christmas spirit without a small gift.
If you go to you can now order any instructional video you want with a cool 40% discount !!!!
Just use the code HOHOHO at checkout, see it as our little gift for Christmas.