New images Esther

Today some more images from Esther.
Yesterday you saw the film images, today what I shot digital during the workshop.

Esther Juni 28 2013-21-Edit

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Cross processed images

Today the first results from a cross processed film.
In this case a Sensia 100 film cross processed in C41 chemicals.
Model : Esther.
Scans : Epson V700
Camera : Mamiya NC1000S


Esther Sensia 100 C41 Juni 28 2013 (2) 25

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New model Sylvia

Today another new model which will be doing some workshops for me in the near future, Sylvia.

Sylvia den Boer Juli 3 2013-10-Edit

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Glamour images Suzanna

Every once in a while we do testsessions to find new models, mostly for the fashion workshops but sometimes also for the glamour workshops, this time I would like to introduce Suzanna. You will be seeing a lot of images from her in the future I think.


In some countries the images might be considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

Susanna Bouman Juli 3 2013-13-Edit

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