Some street shots from our recent trip

We’re just back from a great trip to Austria where I taught workshops for the
 Today some images I shot in Austria.
Click on one of the images to open the gallery.

Oostenrijk Juli 12-13 2013  (197 of 288)_HDR-Edit

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Oh glamour…..

A lot of photographers probably experience this, so maybe it’s time to write a blog post about it.
Actually this blogpost was triggered by a question on my blog :


Hey Frank I love your photography and I’m a true admirer of your work so Frank here is the 1, 000, 000 dollar question. The type of photography you do involves some type of nude or imply photography I also know your wife works with you but to those that don’t get to work with the other half doing this type of shoot… how do you deal with this subject matter with your other half ? As you get to do a test shoot and trying a new model for upcoming events or just to try a new lighting …I’m just wondering how you would go about it ? This is a subject I talk with other photographers but I would like to get your input on this one. 🙂

Wide angles are.....

Now let me put it very simply, and I hope I don’t upset people with my answer, especially not the person asking this question, because I really mean this is in the most positive way, as soon as you think about glamour or implied nudity as something “weird” or “wrong” DON’T shoot it. Now this sounds a bit harsh so let me explain.

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Pim van der Maden at Oord 2014

Every year in Emmeloord there is Oord.
A cool festival where the half of Emmeloord (and other people :D) can be found, loads of people showing art, poetry, music etc. This year also our neighbor and good friend (and awesome photographer) Pim van der Maden was there with his 8×10 Polaroid camera.


Today a few images of Pim in action.

Oord Juli 6 2013 20130706--10-Edit

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When polaroid goes bad….

One thing you know when shooting with Polaroid or Impossible film is that…. well actually you don’t know anything for sure. Sure over time the emulsions have been a lot better but when you shoot something that is way over date it’s always a surprise.


On our visit in Vienna a year ago I bought some Impossible film BW for the RZ-67ProII and finally got the chance to shoot the film a while ago, to my disappointment the images were very bad, way to bright and I almost threw them away however… and here comes the tip for today. DON’T throw away something that doesn’t look right. We all know the show CSI right?
Well with photography you can do a lot of those tricks…. well ok we can’t blow up from a security cam to 60MP to see the DNA from a burglar, but we can do a lot with the images and create something that I think is interesting.


Here you see the results from the scans I made from the polaroids, all settings were done with Silverfast studio scanning software.

Suzanna impossible BW Juli 3 2013 1 (2)

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