Day 1 of the photoconvention

Today the images from day 1 of the Photoconvention in Austria.
This photoconvention is a yearly workshop week that in my opinion is very well organized and has some of the most jawdropping locations I ever experienced during workshops, last year the location was a great palace, but this year they topped that… A lot of my portfolio is shot during workshops but after workshops like these… well my portfolio will get a big refresh.


Next year I’ll be back in Austria and I can really advice all of you to check out and also visit it next year, most workshops are in German but mine and I think some more will be in English next year.


During workshop weeks like this I always have a program.
In this case Day 1 was all about technique, metering the light, getting the right angles, working on speed during the shoot, coaching the model and even an impromptu photoshoot with only natural light to learn about controlling and manipulating shadows. This is probably one of my favorite parts of these workshops, because it’s fun to see that you actually sometimes get more spectacular shots than with strobes, a lot of people are afraid to shoot in harsh sunlight and especially when they are forced to NOT use any modifiers, so it’s just them and the sun. It’s always fun to see the very surprised expressions when they see what can happen if you watch your shadows.


Naike Juli 15 2013 - July 15, 2013 - 116-Edit


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