No blog today….

No blog today, because……
I’m celebrating my 42nd birthday……


But I do take time to thank all of you for visiting my blog over and over again and leaving comments on most of the post I do. Maintaining the blog is a big task because I want to update it daily but thanks to you guys I love doing it, and when we hit the 1 millioned visitor not so long ago I thought it would take some time to double that, however much to my surprise we’re already very close to 1.7 Million at the moment which means the blog is really growing extremely rapidly, and that really needs a thank you to all of you.


Keep reading and spreading the link to the blog 🙂
Thanks guys…. but now it’s time for some party time.
CU tomorrow.


Ok normally you get gifts for your birthday but I’m in a giving mood 😀


We have a special super deal for ALL our instructional downloads :

Fashion and glamour 1 and 2 : 20.00
Guide to model photography : 20.00
Light 1 and 2 and 3 : 25.00
Live in Boston : 35.00


All prices in Euros and per video.
Now if you think “this is insanely low !!!!” you are right… but if you order between now and May 7th 0:00 and use the coupon code “birthday” when checking out you will get a cool 15% discount….


Feel free to spread the word, because the more people download the more you support our work of course.

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  1. John_Skinner
    John_Skinner says:

    Let me be the FIRST to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Frank.

    You have come a very long way in such a short amount of time (although it may not seem like it some days). As these years pass, you will always be FRANK. Down to earth, honest, and helpful. I hope to meet you some day and personally share what a great influence you have had no my life and work.. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Freddy
    Freddy says:

    Frank: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish I could remember being 42 🙂 . I hope you get a Fujifilm x100S so you can write a review in your blog.

  3. Mette Brandt
    Mette Brandt says:

    Happy Birthday, Frank! One question, these videos, are they only for sale on your shop, or are they the same as the one at Kelbytraining? Just asking, since I am a Kelbytraining memeber, but would like to buy some of these if they´re not available at KT.

  4. Kamyar
    Kamyar says:

    Happy B-day Frank! Thanks for all the great work you share! Have a good one!

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