The new book (Dutch)

Yesterday we got the first copies of my Dutch book : “De magie van de kleine flitser : van donker naar licht”
Or in English
“The magic of the small strobe : from dark to light”
You can order the book from every camera/book store in the Netherlands and from our own webstore


It’s a book about working with small flash, accessories and much more like workflow, calibrations plus a whole chapter on what other people use like Joe McNally, Dave Black, Tom Bol and many more.


As you can imagine I’m very proud of the book and hope that in the future it will also be translated into English, BUT…. don’t worry if you don’t read Dutch… later this year another book will be released through KelbyMediaGroup and that will be in English, in that book I literally give a complete guide to modelphotography from A-Z from finding the model to the retouching and delivering to the clients.


Today our good friend and amazing photographer Pim van der Maden (also from Emmeloord) took the press image for the book, thanks Pim 🙂

pimvandermaden 130329028kl

A glimpse of our new studio

A lot of people have asked us for some images from our new studio.
I have to add that we are far from finished.
In a nutshell, we still have to finish 50% of the walls with custom paints, the floor will be changed from carpet to wood in certain areas and in 2013 the office area is in a corner of the studio, in 2014 this will change. Starting January 1st 2013 we sold the computer company to a new owner who is renting the showroom and the offices till next year, when they find a new location we will move the office to the office area of the building and all products will be moved to the showroom, we will also add a nice “lounge” area to the showroom where people can relax and see some of the work we do.


The images are shot very quickly to give you a glance of what we’re doing, when everything is done we will create some more interesting images.

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Testsession Lisa

Last week we welcomed Lisa in our studio for a small test session.
Today some of the results from that session.


Model : Lisa
MUA : Mirjam

Lisa Maart 20 2013-800-Edit

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New images Lisanne

Today a few images from the glamour workshop from last Friday with Lisanne.
Now for some countries some images might be considered not safe for work, so beware when viewing, although I think that they are ok for viewing 🙂

Lisanne Maart 22 2013- March 22, 2013 - 3-Edit

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