Casablanca images

Today an album with the images from our Casablanca sight seeing tour on the last day.

Casablanca Januari 28 2013 -  (584 of 601)-Edit

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Happy birthday Annewiek

Today some attention for a special person in my life who has her birthday 🙂

Photokina 23 Sept 2012 - September 23, 2012 - 6-EditYep it’s my wife Annewiek Doorhof.
Now people who’ve seen my demos and workshops on location all know Annewiek for the simple fact that in never (well 99.999%) will travel alone, Annewiek is always there, not because I could not handle it alone (duh), but simply because we have way too much fun together and can’t stand to be apart.


We met each other in school and have been together ever since. We build our company together and as always… you need someone who believes in you 100% to be able to do the things that I do, if you don’t get 100% support you can better stop (or get a divorce in a worst case scenario) because it will never ever work out, so as you can imagine I’m more than a little bit happy with Annewiek. But she does a lot more than just be there for me. Since the studio is getting busier and busier she has taken over the tasks of management for the studio (and me) plus she is the driving force behind the sales of our products like our DVDs, workshops, seminars, tether tools etc. Also when you watch our DVDs you see a lot of Annewieks work, she has been filming a lot of my material for years. At the moment all editing is still done by me but Annewiek is already experimenting with some video editing… so who knows (she got her first mac today for her birthday :D)


So let’s hear a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Annewiek 🙂



Some questions

Today some questions I got in the discussion from the blogpost about turning pro.
I’ll try to be short in the answers 🙂


Question 1
The most important is you eye…. OK, without it, nothing goes. But I haven’t seen any kelby Trainer who said : Only buy a Nikon d40x (which I am still in love with) or something of that kind. You all use d800, d4, phase one, etc… So there is a good reason for that, or not ? When the price difference can be about 5000€, it can’t be only a question of feeling comfortable in my opinion. What do you think about it ?
I strongly feel that the best camera is the one that does the job, and in fact a lot of cameras can do the job… now it does sound weird when “we” say it’s not about the gear but “we” still get the high-end products right? and I understand that. However you should look a bit deeper that that. As soon as you start learning your photography you will start to see that you work with a lot less quality gear that some sales persons want to make you believe… however you will also find out that by stepping up to for example to MF a new world of options opens up, but… and I really mean this… a MF camera in the hands of a good photographer will give better results than a 5DMKIII or Nikon D4 or Sony A99, HOWEVER… only because he/she knows the limitations and strengths of the system. I’ve heard a lot of stories from people shooting with MF and not being able to deliver more than 10% of the images that were in focus…. So my advise (and I think from many educators (at least the ones I know)) is to FIRST learn photography, and that can be done with a normal DSLR, and when you hit the limits of your gear upgrade, not earlier. And trust me, hitting the limits of your gear does not mean not being able to shoot the stuff that I do for example, 90% of what you see in my portfolio could have been shot with a normal consumer DSLR.

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Thanks guys

Thank you all so very much for all the messages the last few days.
It’s been a terrible flue, and a bit my own fault, the last 3 months have been crazy with a lot of travel and the new studio/educational center so I sometimes forget a bit about myself. I’m doing a bit better now and will start with a small workshop tomorrow but cancelled a lot of the bigger things for the next week. New blog posts will start again on Monday.
Again thanks so very much for your kind words, I would love to answer you all personally but I thought let’s do it this way 😀