Guestblog Leo Koch

Today an interesting guestblog by Leo Koch.


Hi everyone… Leo here with my second blog at Frank Doorhof’s website and this time I would like to write something about an older camera, the Nikon D1X.


The classic argument “it’s the photographer, not the camera” is very true. Just like Frank always says “Why fake it if you can create it”. However, sometimes, cameras do help to create very nice results. For example, you can’t create good images if your camera and/or lenses are taking blurry photos… you have to find a good combination to make sure your photos at least coming out clear and sharp, however, you don’t need “newest” equipment for that either. Some older machines, such as the Nikon D1X still give excellent results, much better than some new ones.


Some people are just obsessed on buying new stuff… Each time an iPhone comes out, there are people lining up with their older version to get the new version first, without knowing what exactly enhanced in it. Some photographers the same, looking at the photography magazines following the new models of the known brands to get them as soon as they are available… and some people just don’t give a damn about the new features or resolutions and hold on to their older cameras forever.

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More Marie

Yesterday I showed you the B&W images (and last week the hair images) so today the final images of that workshop.

Marie Februari 12 2013-95-Edit

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Marie in B&W

Today some images from the workshop I did last week at the showroom from Fotoflits (the Dutch Elinchrom agent).
Model : Marie.

Marie Februari 12 2013-23-Edit Now I have the weirdest thing with B&W, I LOVE B&W but somehow when I do the conversion I always think “Hummmm I like the color more” so I always end up with the color images, this time I forced myself to keep this series B&W and share them as a blog post online. I hope you like Marie in B&W 🙂

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New workshop (DUTCH/ENGLISH)

As you probably already know when students ask me about certain workshops I will always try to figure something out and add the topics to an existing workshop or create a whole new one (like the “styling and creativity” workshop with Nadine).


For a while I’ve been playing with the idea to do a complete workflow workshop, and seeing that my new book is about to be released, which in fact will cover the complete A-Z for a model shoot, I thought it was a great time to start doing the “Model/Fashion shoot from A-Z” workshops.

Marie Februari 12 2013-15-EditThe difference between this new workshop and the workshops I already teach is that in this full day workshop there is complete run down of the shoot (3-4 sets per day) including information on :

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