The darkside of light

When you follow my blog you will probably already know that I love the more high contrast lighting setups…
Now some people might think that you can only setup lights like that from one position or with 1 look, and trust me nothing is less true. When you start to move around your subject (and this can be little steps) you will quickly find out that you can control your contrast and look of the images. This is a very simple technique with huge results. Today some samples from this technique I shot with Cherelle during one of our workshops. The light setup is actually exactly the same in all shots (believe it or not :-))

Cherelle Februari 16 2013-49-Edit

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The new workshop Fashion shoot A-Z

I’ve been thinking about this workshop for a long time.
In almost all workshops you follow (including mine) there is often a lot of attention for a specific area of photography, for example “Small flash”, “Glamour”, “Model coaching and movement”, “Photoshop and Lightroom” etc. and this is of course to be expected because a day only has so many hours right?


Well I had the same problem so at the moment I teach a lot of workshops all with different topics, in these workshops I will start out with a theory part, which is rather intense and contains information that will without a doubt take you at least a few steps further as a photographer, after this it’s time to bring the learned material into practice, meaning a real photo shoot and before you know it the day went by.


A lot of students asked me if it would be possible to teach a workshop where I would go from A-Z in just one day, and at first I said this was not possible, because simply put there is so much going on that to cover something from A-Z would take way too much time, but I kept thinking about it and the more I thought about it the more I was beginning to feel it would be possible. As you might (or might not know) I’m finishing my book at the moment that will in fact be a complete guide to model photography (we don’t have an exact title yet), meaning…. well you guessed it everything from A-Z and while going to the final edits of the book the workshop “appeared” in front of me, and yesterday it was the first time I taught it.


Now with almost all of my workshops the students can shoot their images, but for this workshop I made an exception, it’s a so called “listen, ask, learn” workshop meaning the students can ask whatever they want, participate in the thinking process etc. the only thing is, they don’t shoot images and this saves a lot time and makes it possible to teach the A-Z workshop indeed in a one day workshop (although it’s tight).

lenaa Februari 22-1451-Edit

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3 different looks

Today 3 different looks from the same setup.
Shot during a session with Nadine. The videos will be released in the coming weeks.
The first setup was done with the Elinchrom 1.50mtr indirect Octa, without any doubt one of my favorite modifiers for fashion.

Nadine Februari 15 2185-Edit

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Elinchrom Beauty Dish instructional video

Today an instructional video for the use of the Elinchrom Beauty Dish.
If you also want to start working with the Beauty dish (and want to support our work :D) order it via this link.
Elinchrom Softlite 17” Reflector (Silver)


This video was meant as an informercial.
For the more in depth instructional material I would point you towards our instructional DVDs/downloads at or but I still think you’re gonna enjoy the tips shared in this video 🙂