Results from the first Styling workshop Part I

Last week it was time for the first “Styling and creativity to the max (and on a budget) workshop” I did with Nadine and Manon as our model. Today I’m gonna show you some of the results from the first two sets.

Manon 14 December 2012 -_-051-EditFor the first set Nadine used several clothing pieces and materials and a mask which she pieced together to this creation. Total costs below 40.00 euros.

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The obsession of the shutter speed

This is a question I get A LOT, and I really mean A LOT.
So I thought it was time to type a blog post about it.
If you want to freeze action like this you need a fast shutter speed right?
Saskia 11 juni 2009_00220

Well actually not.

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