The flu

As you already noticed there is no new blogpost today. We’re very sorry for this. While in Marocco Frank got a serious flu attack and is now taking some rest.

We hope to start new blog posts after a few days.

turning pro yes or no

A while ago I was asked to write a guestblog for a Dutch photographers blog and because I had little time and I always want to post something that is different from the standard “put your light here” blogpost I decided to make a blogpost about something that is always a hot topic during some of my seminars and workshops.


Don’t get me wrong, photography is the best job in the world according to me, I love what I do and I don’t feel like I work a day in my life, however I consider myself incredibly lucky and one of the few that can do what I do thanks to the support of my family. Now a lot of people mail me or ask me for my advise on starting their photographic career, now let’s say we are talking about Mr. Smith (a made up name). Mr Smith earns a bit more than minimum wages at the moment, rents a house and has a wife and 1 son who is let’s say 12 years old. At the moment Mr. and Mrs. Smith have a relatively good life, twice a year they can go on a standard holiday, the rent is paid and they can safe a little bit of money for costs that are not foreseen, the only problem is that Mr. Smith loves photography and doesn’t really like his day job, he doesn’t hate it… but if he would become a photographer that would be awesome.

Gwendolyne 28 Juli 2012 - 2342

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Day 1 Casablanca

Hi guys from a beautifull Casablanca.
We’re here for some private workshops but I also try to take some time to shoot some images for the blog of course, today the images we shot during day 1 of our stay in Casablanca, these shots were taken around our hotel near the ocean.

Casablanca Januari 26 2013 -  (114 of 178)-Edit

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Guestblog Steven Brokaw

Today a guestblog by Steven Brokaw about model photography and I know a lot of you guys like this, so keep on reading 😀


Guest blog post – Steve Brokaw


“Caroline in Black & White”

Model: Carolyn Loy

I’m a fan of Los Angeles based fashion photographer, Bill Jones. Another fashion photographer I follow is Frank Doorhof of StudioFD in The Netherlands.  Both are great photographers because of their amazing command of light, and their ability to produce striking images.  Using tips gained from reading articles and watching videos from Frank & doing a studio session with Bill I’ve improved my skills.  Recently, I did a session with Indianapolis model, Caroline Loy focusing on the teachings of both Bill and Frank.


I’ve worked with Caroline several times so I knew her style, moves, her looks and professional approach to photography.  It’s SO much easier for a photographer when you work with someone you KNOW will deliver the goods.  This is especially true if you are also coordinating a makeup artist and stylist.  I’m a business guy by day so I respect this approach because it’s the same in business.  However, I get to work with prettier and more creative people during my photo gigs!


I coordinated with Caroline in advance both the style I wanted to capture and the clothes to bring.  I also lined up local MUA, Emmy Lindgren, so I gave her the same information.  We arranged the rates, and the time.  Good to go.

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