Why would you bother

Over the years I’ve had many questions about one of my favorite things to do when traveling, shooting through the front window of a car, sometimes my own (or rental) but often taxis or cars from friends. Now most people don’t even bother because somehow they think the images will be bad, and to be honest most images are indeed not that good for the simple reason that you can’t really compose the way you normally do, however it can work very well. It’s like all kinds of photography, it will take you some time to master the tricks and the results after that will get better and better.

The following images I took through the front window of a taxi that drove us through Dubai, I only bumped the contrast in Photoshop and tinted the images (and corrected some of the perspective).

So the next time you’re on a trip and you’re taking a cab through an interesting area, just shoot…. because “why bother ?”… well simple because sometimes you end up with a great series of images that give you a totally different look than you could get from the “normal” positions.