Second update Dubai

The second day in Dubai we decided to go back to the same location, the docks and textile/gold market.
The people there are incredibly photogenic and love to be photographed so in fact it’s a photographers dream 😀 overall I’m very impressed by Dubai, the people are all very friendly and are really interested in what you do and for your wellbeing, also the students and the people from Gulf Photo Plus are without any doubt wonderful. So we feel really at home in Dubai (it’s the first time ever for us to this side of the world, and we hope it won’t be the last time :D)

The shots are a mix of the Canon 5DMKIII with the Tamron 24-70VC f2.8 and the Fuji X-1Pro with the 35mm lens (which I LOVE for this kind of work).

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  1. freddy
    freddy says:

    Frank; It seems like so many people are “posing”…is there any “grit and grundge” street shooting possible…like you shot when you were in Los Angeles recently?

  2. Ian Scott.
    Ian Scott. says:

    Hi Frank, welcome to our part of the world; we are currently in Bahrain and moving over to Dubai in January ’13; I know the difficulty in getting “candid” shots over here, as soon as they see the camera it becomes a “pose”, we know Dubai very well and there are some very run-down areas that will be great for street pics, as well as the more affluent places which you have already shot, like the Burj tower.
    Keep up the good work in the blogs Frank, I’m still learning a lot from you.

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