Today some new images from Christianne, shot during the Advanced III workshop last weekend.

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The DOORhof is always open Ep5 on iTunes

Just a quick note today.
Our videowebpodcast “The DOORhof is always open” was released earlier this week, however due to Sandy it was not uploaded to iTunes, so yesterday we tried again and this time it did went through, so today you can download the episode also on your mobile devices via 


This time it’s all about styling and a lot of tips (as usual :D).
If you have ideas for future episodes drop me an email and maybe you will see your topic in a future episode.


For EP6 I’m still looking for some images for our critique round.
Send me two of your best (or worse) images, anyway some images that you want input on and we will discuss them on the episode. Send the images to 

Two special messages today

Today is a very special day…. November 2nd is the birthday of our son Brian.
And today he has turned 14 which is exactly the same number as my age, but inversed 😀
And even in height he is getting dangerously close to me, he will be over 2 mtrs when he is grownup so somehow I have to be aware that I keep on his good side 😀


Let’s give him a great HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of you 😀


And the second message is a link to my guestblog on Scott Kelby’s blog.
In this guestblog I talk about the importance of styling and social media, so go and check it out.

FAQ about calibrations

After the review of the ColorMunki yesterday, today some FAQ about calibrations.
And I promise this will be shorter post 😀


Now a lot of people are still in doubt if they should calibrate, so let’s start with a little test.
Look at the image and check if your screen is showing everything clearly……

Ok, well did this went ok ?
If you answered yes, I’m almost 100% sure you already used a pattern like this or you have a color analyzer that you use to calibrate your display. If not….. well you are VERY VERY lucky. Because in most cases this will be a total mess.


So now that we did this test, let’s look at the FAQ.

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