Second update Dubai

The second day in Dubai we decided to go back to the same location, the docks and textile/gold market.
The people there are incredibly photogenic and love to be photographed so in fact it’s a photographers dream 😀 overall I’m very impressed by Dubai, the people are all very friendly and are really interested in what you do and for your wellbeing, also the students and the people from Gulf Photo Plus are without any doubt wonderful. So we feel really at home in Dubai (it’s the first time ever for us to this side of the world, and we hope it won’t be the last time :D)

The shots are a mix of the Canon 5DMKIII with the Tamron 24-70VC f2.8 and the Fuji X-1Pro with the 35mm lens (which I LOVE for this kind of work).

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Introducing Lenaa

As you know we’re always looking for new models, and today I like to introduce Lenaa.
She will be one of the new models for the glamour and fashion workshops.
I’m always looking for something different in our models and I think we found another great model with Lenaa, so you will be seeing more of her.
Remember that some images might be not safe for work in some countries.

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Day 1 Dubai

As you might know we’re in Dubai for GPP (Gulf Photo Plus) where I will be teaching a 4 day workshop and do an introduction for the Sony A99 with a live shoot. However today and part of tomorrow is our “playtime” and what else to do than some photography, and Dubai is great for that.

Today an album with the images I shot on day 1, it’s a collection of different things and I share just for fun (I still don’t consider myself a good street/travel photographer).

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Lens calibration yes or no

Lens calibration yes or no ?
As you probably have read in last weeks posts about the ColorMunki and the FAQ about calibrations I’m a huge supporter of calibration. Today a topic some people don’t think about, or maybe not even know about, the lens….. calibration.

Now some people will claim that this is a minor thing, and don’t get me wrong they will get great images (or at least it could be that they get great images) but when you want to deliver continuity and use actions for certain looks in Photoshop/Lightroom (etc) and want that all your images look the same you will have to take some steps in your workflow.
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