Lenaa during the glamour workshop

Yesterday Lenaa was our model for the glamour workshop.
The glamour workshop is always a special workshop for me, I’m a 95% fashion shooter and teaching a glamour workshop is something else completely. What I hate is the glamour where it all boils down to one thing… yeah I don’t have to explain this further right ? 😀 So I always try to make the glamour shots we do during the workshops a bit more special. And with a model like Lenaa it’s a big joy to do this workshop. Today some of the results from yesterdays workshop.

Gear used :
Sony Alpha 99
Zeiss 85mm 1.4

This was actually the first time I used this combination for a complete workshop tethering into Lightroom 4.2 and must say it worked flawless. The most amusing part was maybe the responses from the students when they looked through the viewfinder… “It’s like being in a terminator movie” well it actually does feel like that with all the info in the display, of course you can also “clean” the display up and only show the focus points and the image, but I love to see what’s going on. And this is something I really like from the EVF in the A99, you can customize it a lot.

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Sony A99 wireless strobe solution

You probably already know I’m now shooting with the Sony Alpha 99.
When adding a new system to your workflow (or a new tool to your toolbox, whatever you want to call it) there are always things that don’t work, or don’t work as you would want to, and this time it’s no different. It started with the option to shoot tethered. This was quickly solved by the great guys from DNA software (www.dslrsoftware.com). They make a great little plugin for Lightroom and it works flawless, so make sure to check them out. So for studio work and location work we are now in working order…. but….. there still is that problem of small flash.


Small flash, believe it or not, is a vital part of my “toolbox” for example, when traveling abroad (plane) it makes no sense to drop a Quadra in my luggage with 2 heads, it’s much easier to just bring two strobes with a trigger and some flash benders, you can make amazing shots with just these tools (see my recent desert images which were shot with just 2 strobes and the flashbenders). But we need something to trigger those strobes…..

With Canon and Nikon we have their own solutions and of course the PocketWizard TT series (which I love). Canon recently released their radio trigger system that in my opinion absolutely rocks. I loved the TT1 and TT5 but when I got their RT system I must admit I never touched my beloved PocketWizards again :D. So going from the RT system to the Sony system was a bit of a “shock” you can of course buy the Sony strobes and use one on camera and one as main strobe but with the pricing of the strobes I find it really difficult to swallow the price for using the on camera strobe just as a trigger. So I started my search for something else….. thanks to G+ I came in contact with a company called Phottix, today a blog post about their product and what it can do for you (because they also deliver the same system for Canon and Nikon) and trust me… this you really want to check out.

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Inside the Cavalli club

Now one of the things I learn my students is that they should be “able” to shoot good images in almost any situation you get, of course even in tight/standard spaces. However for my small flash workshop I had a location that was far from “standard”, actually maybe straight the opposite.

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third Dubai update

Today some more images from our trip to Dubai. Now I think a lot of people are wondering about my experiences in Dubai, so I will give you some things that really caught my attention.

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