a free e-book

Over the last few days you have seen a lot if images I took during our stay in the USA for PhotoshopWorld Vegas 2012.
Because we also added some private days I got a lot of images that I found worth sharing, but also that I put into a book for private use….. now some of you asked me if it would be possible to also get a book and I have to be honest, I just threw some images together in Lightroom4’s book module and did not take much care about layout etc. However because Blurb gives me the option to offer a book as free iPad book I decided to just open that up for you guys. So if you’re interested in seeing the images in a nice e-book form feel free to surf to : http://store.blurb.com/ebooks/326992-los-angeles-and-vegas-2012  and download it for your iPad.

Next time I will take some more care about layout and stories, got myself a challenge there I guess 🙂