Shooting with natural light video

During the workshop DSLR filming we always have several assignments that I and the students have to complete. Although I label it as a workshop for beginners we do discuss topics like separate audio, multi cam etc. which I think in todays market are things that even a beginner should be able to handle, and let’s be honest with programs like Premiere CS6 and Final Cut Pro X using multi cam is a breeze 😀


So this weekend I taught the DSLR video workshop again and one topic that returns every workshop is making a small instructional video with yours truly as the instructor, I always love to do that part because of course I play a customer that is not easy to please, I want certain angles, want certain parts not to show and I want to do everything at once. The problem with this is that they have to keep the cameras running, even in between scenes and that can give you some funny video when they don’t communicate with each other (another learning moment with 3 video angles (as in this case)).


In the end we also edit the video during the class and give it a certain look and feel, today I share with you the instructional part of this class, I always say “do remember it was shot by the students which before the workshop did not do any filming yet with their cameras like this, and keeping focus and every steady for a long time… well that’s not easy”, and as mentioned before I love to do one takers… so all the respect to the students”


So here it is, I hope you enjoy it.