Competition winners

When the guys from asked me to be the judge for their competition I did not have to wait long with my answer. I love the store and a lot of my gear is delivered by them, I’ve know the owner like forever (he brought me my first 10D in person at my house). In the last few years their company has grown into a “monster” camera store with good reputation on service and knowledge, but enough of the promotion…. In this blogpost I’ll show you the winners (and one runner up) and will give you my motivation in what I look for in a winning shot.

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More nature shots

Last week I already shared some nature shots I made during a family walk.
Because we still had some snow we went out again last weekend, here are some of the shots I took during the 2 hour family walk through the “waterloop bos” close to Marknesse, which again is close to our home 🙂

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New images Susanne

Today a few images from the workshop we did this weekend with Susanne.
In this case it was the Workshop Studio Technique I.

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Extra note on calibrating lightmeters

Something a lot of people struggle with when calibrating the light meter is the calibration… on this blog I have a special selection on light meters (check it out :-)).
When I teach my students to calibrate the meter to the camera I always use an 18% gray card and shoot this in a as flat as possible light situation and make sure that in the workflow I use the values for this card are 128.128.128


Here is where the confusion starts.
Some cameras are calibrated different, cameras use reflective metering and are set in values between 12-18% gray. Meaning that some cameras will yield different exposures, which can be compensated. A lot of this has to do with the gamma curves and different colorspaces. For example when we look at LAB a gamma curve of around 2.47 will Yield a 128.128.128 value, but mostly gammas of 1.8 and 2.2 are used in colorspaces like sRGB and ProPhotoRGB.
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