Goodbye Joey

With a very heavy heart we decided yesterday that Joey could not go on.
Joey was our cat for 15 years (got him as a very young kitten) and was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer last spring. At that time we decided to let him have a very risky operation to try to save his life, only one doctor in the Netherlands was willing to do the operation and for a while it seemed to have succeeded. However end of the summer the cancer came back and he was given only 3-4 weeks, that turned out a lot longer….. up until this morning when we called the vet to let Joey sleep.

Joey Doorhof a few years ago.

For some people pets are just pets, for us they are a vital part of our family and we are therefore very sad and will miss him dearly. As everything with Joey he did it his way, ignoring the 3-4 weeks notice and just put up the fight with our help to stay with us as long as possible, we agreed that as soon as he would be in pain we would help him, luckily he never was in pain but yesterday midday he was loosing his balance more and more (that started a week ago), and he did not eat for a few days now. Tonight he still slept with us but fell out of bed and clearly was at the end of his fight.

Joey was unique, we always called him baby because he did not grow a lot, although he ate like crazy. When Annewiek or I walked to ITC he would always follow us like a little dog and always wanted to be close to us, if we were watching a movie, or sleeping as long as he could be close it was ok.


This morning we buried Joey close to our house in our garden so also now he is close, but in our hearts he will always be as close as possible.
Today and tomorrow no photography blog…. sorry.