As many of you may already know I’ve been doing some video the last year.
In the mean time we shot 3 music videos and of course some instructional DVDs and videos.
When the 5DMKII came out I ran to the store to get one due to the options for video, and man has it been a journey, over time it has become better and better. At first it was really awkward to handheld the camera because there was just too much movement, however first there was the amazing Zacuto viewfinder attachment and later many more products caught my eyes. Today however I want to introduce you to a brand I really think you should check out because I think they make some of the most amazing rigs out there…… Edelkrone. In the Netherlands you can find them at several dealers but the distributor is www.mamiya.nl (really nice guys so drop them a mail if you’re interested)

edelkrone – modula rigs – comprehensive demonstration from edelkrone on Vimeo.

The two products I think that are really interesting are the :

Modula 7

I’m using this setup now myself.
Although it looks rather big on the picture in reality it’s all very light and portable. What I love about this setup is the option to add the monitor (I’m using the Small HD DP4 monitor (review later)). Plus the follow focus makes life a LOT easier. At first I was a bit reluctant in using a follow focus but very soon you will find out that manual focus is ok until you want your video to look “relaxed” if you know what I mean, adding the follow focus rocks. What I love about the Edelkrone system is the fact that you can custom build the rig the way YOU like it. You can for example choose for two bars to hold the rig, or a camcorder like grip. At the moment I use the camcorder grip but seeing my size and length I’m gonna switch that for the two handle bars which holds the rig much easier for me.


Is it all perfect ?
Well I love it, but to be honest the connection with the camera can be a bit more secure, it won’t fall off but there is no real securing screw for the camera plate, in real life again I did not find any problem with this, but for my ease of mind I would like to see something a bit more secure.


The other product I would advise you to look at is the :

Pocket rig

This is a very small unit that does big things so to say 😀
Look at the video and get enthusiastic about it.

edelkrone – Pocket Rig – Overview from edelkrone on Vimeo.


I know that the Modula7 can be a bit expensive to start out, but I really would advise you to check it out and see how it works, I’m sure you will be convinced that it’s really worth every cent. For the Dutch people make sure to mail/check out the guys at www.mamiya.nl they can give you all the information you need and help you out to build your own rig.