NIK competition

As many of you know NIK software is without a doubt one of the best plugins out there, many pros rely on it for their daily work, and I’m one of them. From the NIK plugins I mostly love Color Efex Pro and NIK recently released a new version of this amazing collection of plugins. In the months December and January I will be doing 3 webinars for NIK and we thought it would be a cool idea to start a competition with a digital version of NIK color Efex Pro 4, the brand new version of Color Efex Pro.

So what do you have to do?
We will start the competition today and you are allowed to send in a maximum of 3 images in the category “PEOPLE”, this can be anything from fashion, glamour (no 18+ please), portraits, street etc. the images can be digitally enhanced, straight out of the cam, black and white, color etc. but they have to be different to win, every week we will feature 2 of the best images from that week that will be shown on the blog.



You can send in images once, every week, spread them out over the period it doesn’t matter. However I do advise you to not wait till the last week, by highlighting 2 images every week you can see the quality and judge for yourself were you would rank. You can send in the images to Once every while I will also select one person that is invited to write a guestblog on my blog about his/her work. Via you can see an album specially for the NIK competition. Direct link to the album here.


The winner will be announced during the third webinar I will do for NIK in January, and will get a free electronic version of Color Efex Pro 4


Please mail the images to me in 800 pixels longest side.