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First of all we wish you all a very nice Christmas for the coming days, and would like to leave you with a post with some images I shot during last weeks workshop with Marie. Most were shot with the new Schneider T&S lens for the Phase/Mamiya system.


For the outside shots I used the following gear :
Elinchrom Ranger RX 1100 Watt/Second Kit with “A” Head
Elinchrom Skyport SPEED Transmitter (to control the output of the ranger)
Elinchrom Maxilite Reflector -16″, I highly recommend the maxi light for the simple reason it’s without a doubt one of the best modifiers for using outside, the light quality is very nice and crispy, but most of all it will give you app. 2 stops more output so your batteries run longer and recycling is much faster. If you’re shooting outside a lot this is a must buy.

After the outside set we moved back inside for the next setup.
In this setup I explained the way to mix lights, strobes and tungsten and how to use gels to match the color temps, not spectacular shots, but I still wanted to post them. I used :

Elinchrom Style BX 500 Ri Compact MonoLight
Elinchrom Reflector and Honeycomb Grid Set
Rosco #02 Filter – Bastard Amber – 20×24″


And one more just for fun.
Here I used :
Chimera Super Pro Plus Strip Softbox, Silver – Medium

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  1. Martin Tyler
    Martin Tyler says:

    I love this last shot. Your photos like this have inspired me this year – please come to London for a workshop! Merry Christmas

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