Help Portrait Emmeloord

During the Photoshop world dates I met Jeremey Cowart and we started talking about photography etc. but also about his project Help Portrait. I did hear about this before of course but did not participate actively myself, but for 2011 I wanted to be part of this incredible movement and decided to try to organize Help portrait for the whole of Netherlands.


We started out with a website and a forum where photographers could add themselves to help out, and to be honest I was deeply moved by all the responses we got the first few weeks, we even got the original .nl website from the original owners who had done Help portrait on a smaller scale the year before. From that point on it grew and grew and I’m so proud of all the people who made Help portrait so big this year in the Netherlands, we have achieved a lot of local publicity but even been on national TV, we got our own theme song from Dutch singer Sarina Kay.


Of course I also did organize a Help portrait location in my home town Emmeloord. Here you can see a video from our day. But make sure to read tomorrows blog with loads of images and more stories…..

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