NIK free webinars December NL and EN

As you might already know I LOVE NIK filters, it’s part of my everyday workflow. I strongly believe that you should not spend a lot of time in Photoshop and that you should get the shot as perfect as possible at the moment you press the shutter. However it’s foolish to not use Photoshop in post, there are so many new possibilities in Photoshop and it get’s better with every release, that it can really enhance an image without taking away the “realness” of the original shot.

Using filters is a great way to create looks within seconds and with the new release of the NIK suite you can also stack filters making unique looks that can be used with one press of a button. Because I use NIK in my everyday workflow NIK and I thought it would be great to do a webinar in which I show you how to work on several images ranging from fashion shots to street/travel photography and how I use the NIK filters to give the images something “different”.


During the 60 minute webinar you can see me working live on several images and I will also explain what’s going on and in between answer questions (if possible). The first webinar will be in Dutch on December 8th at 18:00 CET. There will also be an English one on December 14th 20:00. Make sure to subscribe as soon as possible because the fill up rather quickly.


English version : Dec 14th 20:00


Dutch version : Dec 8th 18:00

Styling….Part I

I’ve already talked about the styling in a photo shoot many times. Simply put it’s easy to just put a model in front of the camera with a jeans and top, often a photo can be much more interesting when you add a little bit of styling to the image. Let’s take for example this image from Corine:

Not only did Corine choose a “fake” fur coat, but she added some nice red gloves matching the color on her lips. The combination of those two makes the image much more “special” than one of the parts alone. By adding some mood to the light I made the image complete. One can always argue if the blueish tint is the best choice, or if a more warm tone was a better choice. In the end however that will always be the choice of the photographer (or client).
In the next image Corine choose an outfit that reminded me of the 20’s with a modern twist.
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Styling…. Part II

Today part II of a small segment on styling, continuing where I left yesterday.


In the following shots of Corine I opted for a more warm tint.

When Corine entered the set with this outfit I immediately knew that I wanted to have a warm look in the final image. In our studio we have several walls painted in different colors and patterns, for this image I opted for a wall that is painted dark brown with lighter accents. This combination works really well for the basis of this shot. For the final look I used Alien Skin Exposure 3 to get the real warm look which blends the colors nicely together.

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Some live shots from the Queen experience

I’m not a ….. photographer.
Well you’ve heard that a lot on this blog, but it also means that I just LOVE to experiment with different kinds of shooting styles and parts of the photography business. In the past I’ve done some small concerts, the concerts where you can just walk in with a camera bag filled with gear, can get up to the podium after asking all 40 fans if they mind if you take a shot….. however big concerts…. well that was a dream.

As many of you probably also know, I’m a HUGE Queen fan, so when Wibi told me he would be playing as a special guest at the Queen Experience my heart jumped. I knew it was a huge concert (app 30.000 people), I also knew the light would be awesome, but …. I also knew that getting to shoot something like that is tricky. A few years ago I got permission from Wibi to shoot during a Mojo concert and still had to hand over my camera to the organization because they made the rules, so when I heard they got me a press card including stage access my heart jumped from joy.

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