New images (Dark lingerie)

A model mailed me a while ago with the term… Dark Lingerie.
I love it when something that short triggered my mind. I love to work with shadows and I love to play with more themed shots. I’ve worked with her in the past and love her very light skin, in combination with shadows and lingerie this is a killer combination.

Lately I haven’t been using a lot of color gels on my strobes, but this setup screamed color for me.

Something I always “stress” during workshops is that it’s very important to not shoot from one angle, during a photoshoot one of the most important things you can do is to move around (if possible of course), this way you can use the same setup in many different ways and get some surprising results.


She also wanted some beauty shots, and when I hear beauty I always want a special look for the images. In this case I opted for a look that borrows a bit from high-key with a more blueish tint.

The beauty shots are done with the Elinchrom 1.50 indirect Deep Octa, without a doubt, at this moment, one of my favorite soft boxes for this work and full bodies with fashion, the crispiness is just enough for what I like. So I highly recommend this box if you are looking for something very versatile to shoot beauty and full body fashion work, you’re gonna love it.