Some new images

In this blog post some of my favorite images from the last two workshops, and something I hardly ever do…..
Yep it’s a composite, it was not real.
Somehow I love doing this kind of work, and up until this one I never really was happy with the end result, I guess when I look back at this one in a year I think I will not like it anymore. I heard Joel Grimes say a real good thing during PSW, when you do a composite you really really like don’t show it, do it again for a hundred times and then look back, best advise I guess…. but sorry Joel don’t have time so I have to do it with this one.

And here some more images from that workshop with Nadine, remember she’s the one who always does her own styling.

This was all shot during one of the advanced workshops.

The following shots with Marie are shot during our small flash workshops, I love working with the Rogue flashbender and grids plus gels during these workshops, and I really can’t advise people enough to really check out their products, they really are amazing, plus it’s an amazing company with great support and cool ideas. So check them out at


And two with just a translucent screen and one 580EXII flash.

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  1. Anthony Byron
    Anthony Byron says:

    nice composit frank. still good advice from joel though ive had some composites ive done ive liked then i look back and go meh crap haha 🙂

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