Some images from Nadine

Last Friday Nadine was our model for the workshop Studio Technique II, and when Nadine is the model you can always expect something special, and this time was no exception. In this blog post my favorite images from the session and a small backstage video I shot with the iPhone 4S. The main “focus” of the video is to see how well the 4S performs in very low light situations like the modeling lights from the strobes, something the iPhone 4 really did not produce very good images, and I think the 4S did very well, but you can judge yourself tomorrow on the blog.

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TwiT photo competition

Now this is something that I really want to draw your attention to, and not just because I’m in the jury 🙂
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Backstage during seminar in Enschede

Wednesday night I taught a seminar for “foton” in Enschede.
Normally I don’t post images online from seminars, but Evita (our intern) made some really nice images from this one so I could not resist. So here you go, some images from the seminar with many thanks to Evita 🙂

Shooting Frank for Twitter 😀

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New videos for Tethertools

It’s no secret that I’m a huge advocate of shooting tethered, the fact that you immediately see what you’re doing is just perfect on location or in the studio. And although some people claim that shooting tethered is something from the past the sheer amount of utilities and hardware/accessories and apps for your mobile devices is growing almost daily, proofing that shooting tethered is really a thing of NOW and not from the past ;-). A lot of people however ask me questions about shooting tethered, thinking they need a lot of gear while in reality they probably already have everything, and this was my main motivation to make the videos you see here.

I shoot with the Tethertools products which we also sell and promote in the Benelux. But as always I really believe in the quality of the products (otherwise I would not promote them). A few weeks ago I had to make a “rushed” video introducing the products and I never was completely happy with that video so it was time to make a new one, and because we also wanted one in Dutch I decided to make two, one in Dutch and one in English. In this blog post you can see both videos. I also included several tips and tricks to make your tethered solution work more easy and smooth.