The perfect camera bag…..

We all look for them, and often we spend a great amount of money on bags that will end up not being perfect. Well let’s say photographers can be picky. And I’m without a doubt one of them. When we travel we bring a lot of gear, and I’ve tried the fair amount of camera bags. A few years ago I thought I found the perfect bag, of course it was a Lowepro and I loved it, however a while ago I got the new version from “de greef and partners/Lowepro” and to be honest I thought there would be nothing more fitting my needs than the Lowepro Vertex 300. A great bag pack for all my gear…. well I already said “I thought”

While teaching at Photoshop World I saw the X200 bag that David Ziser was using and he loved it, so I mailed them to send me one to try. Today it arrived and I must say I’ve never ever been so enthusiastic about a camera bag, this thing rocks. So today a small review on the “for me” perfect camera bag. The Lowepro X200 roller

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News update

Today a small news update, but some important ones I think 🙂


1. A new DVD
During the workshops in Boston we filmed the sessions including the Q&A (first time ever we filmed that), I’m now working on editing the files for a release on a new DVD. We’ve already got a nice selection of DVDs on the market and of course the instructional videos/DVDs with (make sure to check out the online videos there). And because I hate to do the same thing, we decided to take a different approach this time. The whole workshop was filmed with 2 cameras and we used a voice recorder to record my voice. This means that I will be using the live material and not be doing a voice over like with our previous DVDs, on the Kelby videos we also did a live voice by the way and that worked really well so I decided to adopt this for the new DVD.
For the Dutch people this will mean that the DVD will be released in English. We are looking into options for subtitles but I’m not sure if we will follow through with that. Of course you all want to know stuff about release dates, runtimes etc. and I honestly cannot say yet. At the moment I’m done editing the Q&A and the first small flash part and we’re already well over 60 minutes, so it will probably be a long DVD in runtime. Release dates are always tricky with our schedule, but I would not be surprised if it was on the market around christmas.


2. A new book
A long time ago I wrote a book (that started it all) called “Guide to model photography”, although I’ve taken this of the market a few years ago and always have been wanting to revamp that one it never happened, we started the DVD series instead. However the last few months more and more people have been asking me to do something with a book and after a long consideration I’ve decided to do it. The book will contain a lot of the most popular blogposts about technique, light meter use, posing, tips etc. and will not stop at just model photography… I will also include a chapter on things not model related as you can also sometimes read on my blog.


Also here you are of course curious about a release date… well I will take my time.
We are now collecting data from the blog, I will rewrite a lot of that and make sure it all flows nicely and I want to add a lot of new material of course. A release date is therefor not yet known, but don’t expect it to be before the summer of 2012.


3. TwitPhoto TV
Make sure to watch TwitPhoto TV on September 27th because I will be doing an interview with them that day.
You can ask questions etc. so make sure to tune in.

Sometimes I just can’t resist….

If you ask me which kind of photography I hardly ever do I think my answer will be architecture and landscaping.
Don’t get me wrong, I love those shots but somehow I never do it myself. The main reason is that I never really see a great landscape in my images, but sometimes everything clicks (well at least for me).

During our stay in Boston Brendan thought it would be a good idea to show us Maine and Mount Washington, well our luck ran out that day, but after all made something special of the day. First we would go to a light house in Maine which would be awesome to shoot…. during our trip it already promised to be a problematic day, there was a lot smaller rain showers and the closer we got to Maine the more we saw a really dense fog, I was imagining a lighthouse shot with a nice blue sky and wonderful light, well it turned out differently, however to be honest I love the final result, and in this case maybe it was even better than a blue sky, although I would have loved to get that shot.

After Maine it was time for a wonderful hotel with a stunning view of the mountains behind it……

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Workshop Boston results 2

As promised the final selection of images from the Boston workshops.
Let’s start off with some natural light images shot around the train location.
I used the 105-210 Mamiya lens wide open to create a nice shallow DOF.

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