Some new images from last weekend

As mentioned before we are incredibly busy with the new DVD, so today a collection post of some of my favorite shots from the workshops last weekend.
These two images were shot during the Workshop Studio Technique 2, in which there is a lot of attention for how to manipulate lights. In this case it’s all about using the sides of the lights with a light source aimed straight at the model. In the following image it’s all about using the sides of the light but also changing your own position. Both are often real eye openers for the students, especially when they see that’s it’s not as easy you might think (a light meter comes in very handy).

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Frank on Twit.TV/Phot

Make sure to check tonight.
During the broadcast I will be online as a guest, I’ve already seen some of the questions and I think it will be an interesting hour (or so). We have something special planned for in the studio (I hope everything works out live, but we have high hopes).

If you want to ask questions check : 
And they will ask the questions to me (don’t make it too hard :-))

See you tonight.
For the European viewers, it will be live from 22:30-23:30


About your websites, brochures, flyers etc.

We live in a time where everything goes fast, faster and even faster.
Well they even now proved (although they think) that E-MC2 is not true and it’s possible to travel faster than the speed of light, making even time travel “maybe” possible. So what does this mean for us people… well for one we get a load of information on our plate. When I look at myself I feel this every day, and I think it’s positive. Before the iPhone for example I hardly ever read a newspaper, it simply took too much time, with the iPhone however when I wake up the first thing I do is run 3 news apps, one for tech, one for normal news and one for the more fun news. That’s the start of my morning. In between I check mails, G+ and Twitter to see if there is something that needs my attention. What a few years ago was my “resting” point in the morning (you know what I mean) has now been transformed to Doorhof central for the morning, or in other words my first working time of the day…..

But does this also means there will be problems, well actually yes and big ones.
In this section a few observations I’ve done during the last few years and some tips how you “might” solve some problems.

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Light it……

During a 1:1 workshop it’s sometimes time to play, and this was such an occasion.
A while ago an amazing magazine was released on the iPad called “Light it!” and I’m one of the writers for the magazine (and please don’t start a “why isn’t it on the android” thread here :D). We got a nice Tshirt in the mail a few days ago and it was hanging in our studio when I suddenly thought about, why not add it to a photoshoot theme ?

What you see in this blogpost is the result from that idea, and a few tips that might be handy 😀

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