NIK 4.0 Color Efex

The last few weeks I’ve been under NDA so I couldn’t share any of my thoughts about the new Color Efex 4.0 from NIK, however yesterday they released the software so I wanted to give some attention to the release, and all I can say….


If you already know the version 3.0 without any doubt do the upgrade, you’re gonna love it.
If you don’t use Color Efex yet, please download their trial version, Color Efex is without a doubt one of my favorite plugin suites from NIK (and all plugins), it’s used in almost all my work just to give a slightly different tone or more “bite”.

The following new additions I really love :


Dark contrasts:
A great filter to give an image a great look, very moody and loads of detail.


Film looks:
Divided into several categories including vintage (my favorite)


Detail extractor:
Loved Tonal contrast but this is even better. Mimics a cross between HDR and Tonal Contrast. GOTTA love it.


And so much more….
Color Efex 4 has great filters and some things has changed, Tonal Contrast for example works differently and I like the new method better because it has less haloing and noise. But the best thing about Efex 4 must be the option to STACK filters and make recipes. Yes you read it correctly you can stack filters on top of each other and create an unique look and store this and share it online.


I know it’s not really a review but I think there are a lot of them out there, so I just wanted to give you the things that I really liked 😀

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