New images

In this blog post a few images from the set we did with Geertje and Vera.
At the moment we are at Schiphol waiting for the flight to Vegas, it’s always difficult to leave home and leave our son behind, but luckily my parents always house sit our house and keep an eye out for Brian. Looking forward to Photoshop World and the workshops in Boston. During our stay in the states I will try to update the blog just as normal with a daily small piece, and I have two amazing guestblogs ready which you really have to read, I already did and I loved it 😀
So without further waste of space, here are my favorite images from the Geertje and Vera session.




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  1. dtkindler
    dtkindler says:

    Love these two women. They are perfect for the high contrast style and really compelling. The 3rd and 4th ones just kill me. Awesome.

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