The simplest things…..

Often we are so obsessed with locations and expensive gear that we forget the fundamentals of Photography.
Painting with light and story telling.

Although we all love to shoot in the most beautiful locations with expensive gear it’s often also beautiful to use what’s available in your own studio and what was not meant as a “stage”/”set”. In my case I often do some shots in the area of our makeup area. I just love the way the lights work with the model and when combined with just a touch of fill and a wide aperture the images breath atmosphere. In this blog post a few images I shot at the end of the small flash workshop with Marie. This was not meant as a series by the way, just a collection of shots in the same light.
So remember to look for shots in locations were you normally don’t think about, you will be surprised what’s possible in your own location.

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  1. Nik Rincon
    Nik Rincon says:

    what settings did you use on the 5D?  I love that grainy vintage look and feel. so natural its exquisite. my kind of photoshoot.

  2. Steve Trup
    Steve Trup says:

    Lovely Pics! You mentioned this was at the end of a small flash workshop… I noticed several catchlights in her eyes. Were these from the mirror lights or did you use a strip light.
    Thanks for all your great post and learning tools!

  3. Info
    Info says:

    Mooie foto’s Frank!
    Gelukkig was ik getuige bij het maken van deze mooie serie tijdens je workshop:-)


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