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Some companies have products that before you did not know about them you probably did some “freaky” DIY solutions. For me this was the case with Tethertools. I love to shoot tethered in the studio and on location, but one of the most frustrating problems is that if someone (or yourself) stands on your cable it will be disconnected from your camera, in the best case scenario you loose your images, reconnect and continue shooting. But in most other cases you destroy your USB/HDMI/Firewire port which means “end of the shoot” and a very costly repair. I made some DIY solutions for this which worked ok, but never 100%. Enter the Jerkstoppers from Tethertools, to make a long story short “THEY ROCK” and are so cheap that you actually can’t afford not to have them, trust me it’s a very expensive repair when your port is defective.


I was so enthusiastic about Tethertools that my wife’s company decided to take up the distribution of the Tethertools products for the Netherlands (and far beyond :D), and I was not alone, it’s been a huge success, and not only the jerkstoppers. All the Tethertools products are well thought out, and….. well I don’t want to spend much words…. they just work, if you know what I mean.

Because a lot of people ask me about it and a moving image is always nicer than a still image in this kind of cases we shot a very quick video about the Tethertools products I use myself, we shot this in between photoshoots yesterday, the audio is not the way I want it, normally I use a voice over *my own voice* but I decided to go “live” this time because it simply is nicer I think while explaining things, we already ordered some better mics so the next videos will be much better, however I still think it’s a fun piece to watch, so here we go.

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  1. Leo Koach
    Leo Koach says:

    Jerk stopper…? We need one here in United States to stop a “jerk” who is running our country to a ditch (AKA Obama) LOL man, that was so funny, I even laughed out 😛

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