Grid for Maxilight from Laserlight grids/Honeygrids

I love the maxilight from Elinchrom, I’ve already mentioned this a few times.
It’s a modifier that gives you a lot of extra light from a Quadra and any other strobe you put it on, but as an added bonus the light quality is also very nice. For  a while I was looking for a good grid for the Maxilight and could not find one, so I decided to buy a standard Mola grid and use duck tape to fit it to the maxilight….. well it worked (and I loved the results) but let’s be honest, it’s not the way to work.


Laserlight grids/Honeygrids
One of my twitter followers pointed me towards the site  this company would be delivering a grid for the maxilight so as you can imagine I jumped at the occasion and send a mail to laserlight. Within a few days I got a response and a few days later I got my sample from the grid. The grid I got was slightly too small but because it was delivered with four velcro patches it fitted very well in the maxilight. This week I got confirmation from Laserlight that they changed the size of the grid to be a perfect fit to the maxilight, and because I now have done some extensive testing with the grid I thought it was time for a little blogpost to give some attention to this awesome modifier.

If you are using the maxilight make sure to get the grid, they are not expensive and the company has some great support. And the even have a white version of the grid which gives a great result also, my personal favorite is still the black one but here you can see the results from both. Remember the fall off will change of course when you change the distance, but you can see the difference between the three options.


The maxilight with the grid makes it possible to really pinpoint a focussed beam of light on your model. It’s great for outside work on for example the quadra where you need the extra power of the maxilight but doesn’t want to have the big area the maxilight will reach without a grid when it’s placed further away.

When ordering please mention this blog so the guys know where you come from 😀



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  1. Aryan Aqajani
    Aryan Aqajani says:

    I have always wanted to put an order through Honeycomb Grids but waited for someone informed like you to recommend it. Now, I’ll order one soon.

    Thanks Frank,

  2. Lutfijagoan
    Lutfijagoan says:

    I still confuse to choose betwen maxispot and maxlight, any sugestion? i use quadra, thanks before

  3. Peter Marin
    Peter Marin says:

    Hi Frank,
    I have had my eye on the Maxi for few months, recently purchased the very versatile mini deep octa, and so far am in love it. In your opinion, can you say with any experience what the light quality/characteristics would be for the Maxi fitted with a central disc diffuser, as is supplied with the deep octa, or would it defeat the purpose of using the Maxi.
    Anyway, the maxi is on my radar to use with my Quadra………as you said, the extra power would be a bonus.
    Thanks for a great blog.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      The diffusor is great but I never use it to be honest, I like a bit more “crisp”.
      The maxi is totally different by the way. And is indeed outside awesome

  4. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Hi Frank, I asked Honeygrids a few questions in an email but they never got back to me and then I found that I could use the grid from the 44cm beauty dish on the maxilite – all you need are some M8 x 50 hex head set screws (threaded up to the head instead of having shanks) and some rubber tips so as not to mark the dish surface. Only issue is that if you have rubber tips on the end of the screws, you can’t withdraw them far enough to get enough clearance on the BD diameter 🙁 Either dedicate a grid to each reflector, get some easy to remove rubber tips or machine the taper and radius on the end like the Elinchrom ones. Maybe I’ll get the latter option done sometime…

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