Glasses ?

Just a quick tip today.
When shooting glasses, one of the most asked questions is how to fight the reflections in the glasses.
Well let’s first make clear that reflections are not always a bad thing, but they can be very irritating indeed, the nice thing is that if you know how to eliminate them, you can always choose to leave them in and be creative with them.


Angle of Reflection = Angle of Incidence
I really hope I have the expression right.
In the Netherlands we say “hoek van inval is hoek van uitval”  🙂
In fact it’s not that hard luckily.
Always think about light as falling in angles, when you make sure the angle is correct there will be no light reflecting back. Or in other words when you place your lights the correct way (the correct angle) you will not see reflections in the glasses.

Is it really that simple ?
Yep, sorry.
We never remove glasses, we never use Photoshop, or any other “voodoo” approach. It’s just all in the angles of the light and the way the reflection behaves. Try it out for yourself and see how easy it can be. And do remember it’s not only correct if there is NO reflection, in most cases I actually love to have some form of reflection on the glasses for the simple fact that the viewer that way will see that they are real.


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Sometimes I love to include a gridded softbox reflection in the glasses to give the viewer the sense that there really is glass in the glasses.