Lisanne glamour workshop

Last Friday Lisanne visited our studio to be the model for the glamour workshop.
I normally don’t shoot images that are not safe for work but Lisanne wanted a shot with a blue necklace which I intended to be never put online, however seeing the outcome I just loved it so much I needed to share it with you guys, do remember however that it’s a not safe for work image, so if you’re offended by this kind of glamour don’t click through 😀

During the glamour workshop several light setups are explained but most of the focus is on coaching the model and making sure that the students do communicate with the model to “push” the model to perform for the best possible images. The following images are my personal favorites from this workshop.

Yep we still use the stairs... 🙂

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  1. Mpilkilton
    Mpilkilton says:

    Great work. this is the type of work I have come accustom to on your web site. Great deep shadows…

  2. Patrick F.
    Patrick F. says:

    Great shots as always – and the model is gorgeous! Especially like 2 and 5. Is it the maxilite with your custom grid that was used for the last image?

  3. John
    John says:

    Magnificent work! The lighting is beautiful. Love how you isolate the model in many of your shots. I really need to do this more!

  4. Wim Koopmanschap
    Wim Koopmanschap says:

    Love your work Frank i have seen a lot of your work on BD and i love to see my colleague so beautiful in your pictures. Keep on doing the good work

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